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Otaku Jinrui

The UNL Anime Club

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Anime Club
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This is a community for the UNL Anime Club, also known as Otaku Jinrui!

We meet every Friday evening during the school year from 6-11 p.m. (the anime typically begins showing around 7) in CBA 25 (in the basement), right here on campus.

In this community, officers and members can make club annoucements, relay messages, discuss plans for both regular club meetings and special events outside of normal club hours (e.g. Dead Week Marathons, Hentai Nights, local theatre showings of anime films, etc.), and whatever else may be relevant to the club.

We ask that all new members to the community (even if they're veterans from the actual club) make a brief introductory post (your name, what you do in the club, how you found us, etc.) upon joining, just so we can get a feel for who you are.

Please, place longer posts, pictures and information you don't want immediately seen by others behind LJ cuts, thank you.

If you're a part of this community, most likely you're also a part of the University of Nebraska, so, as a courtesy, you will be expected to use college-level English in your posts, including proper grammar (punctuation, capitalization, etc.) and spelling. Netspeak and l3375p34k are not welcome here.

And, just like at the actual club, the officers and such are in charge here (supposedly), so get to know them:

Becky Potter (vertigoxd), President
Cassie Richoux (crisi83), Vice President
Becky Harbison (beccastareyes), Secretary
Kim Baker (mirisa_ardruna), Treasurer
J.R. (...does he have an LJ?), Web Page Guy
Tony Esquivel (no known LJ) & Dylan Nigh (arydrall), Mascots
Robert Lefferts (no LJ), C.J. Stamps (no LJ either), & James (zophar), Whipping Boys
Dr. Gerard Harbison (no known LJ), Faculty Advisor
Jan Jensen (no LJ we know of), Faculty Co-Advisor