Wilwarin aka Vanessa (wilwarinandamar) wrote in otaku_jinrui,
Wilwarin aka Vanessa

Anime NebrasKon newsletter

So it was brought up at the con meeting that although we have a mailing list, it's hardly ever used. I brought up the idea of a newsletter, and long-story-short - I've been put in charge of it.

What I want from you guys are ideas. Names, content, style, duration... ANYTHING you want to see.

My goal is to have a 1-2 page newsletter (the first issue) done and available for download by the end of July. Hopefully, this will be a once-a-month posting but we'll see.

First thing first. What do we want to call it? Some names I had brainstormed:
- The Spicy Beagle
- One of Us
- Real Ninjas Wear Red

For submission ideas, reply or contact me on the AN forums. I'm setting the deadline for the first issue for July 11.

- Wil
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