Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote in otaku_jinrui,

Okay, I finally got around to joining the club LJ comm. Spose I should have done this a while ago, considering how obsessive about LJ I am, but....

Anyway, I'm Joni. You may know me from the boards as candykatt or from club as one of the quasi-official yaoi fangirls of club. One of the ones in the hallway that DOESN'T spend half her time shouting at the top of her lungs. The midget in glasses with the long hair... Yeah, there you go. That's me.

I'm a junior Classics major here at UNL. I live in Nerdhardt, spend WAY too much time on the internet, and occasionally walk around with stuffed animals on my head, just to see if anyone notices. There, me in a nutshell.

Oh, and, uh... while I'm at it... the_fota. Come help the fangirls take over the world. /shameless plug
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